Visit Central Region

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The Central Region of Albania is an area full of beautiful sights, incredible historical sites, and plenty of opportunities for adventure. From the rugged mountains to the lush forests, this region has something to offer every kind of traveler.

One must-see location for tourists in this region is Kruje Castle. This castle is a national symbol and offers a unique glimpse into Albania's past; it was once the center of Albanian resistance against Ottoman rule in medieval times. At its base lies Skanderbeg Museum, which showcases artifacts from the time period as well as art from local artists.

Another great destination in Central Albania is Lake Ohrid, located on the border with North Macedonia. This lake offers travelers stunning views and quiet relaxation away from bustling city life. It also features some ancient churches and beaches worth exploring during your visit.

For those interested in history, a short drive east will take you to Elbasan Castle - one of the oldest fortresses in Europe dating back over 2000 years ago! It was once used by Emperor Justinian I as a military stronghold before being destroyed by earthquakes over the centuries. Nonetheless, it remains an impressive sight that makes for an interesting day trip while staying in this region of Albania.