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Tirana is the vibrant capital city of Albania, located on the country's eastern coastline. The city is known for its striking communist-era architecture, as well as its exciting urban culture and nightlife. Visitors can explore a range of attractions like Tirana Castle and the National History Museum, which tells stories about Albania's rich past. In addition to its diverse culture and history, Tirana also offers an outdoor adventure paradise with a range of activities like hiking in Mount Dajti National Park and swimming in Lake Farka. For those looking to experience more than just sightseeing, there are plenty of restaurants serving up delicious traditional food such as burek and byrek. For fun after dark, visitors can explore Tirana's many pubs and clubs or take part in one of the city's lively festivals throughout the year - from art exhibitions to music concerts. Whether you're looking for culture or adventure - Tirana has something for everyone!

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