Discover Algiers

7.9 million

Algiers is the capital of Algeria, located on the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Africa. It is a vibrant and energetic city full of life, with bustling markets, stunning architecture, and stunning views along the coast, as well as a thriving cultural and social centre.

One of Algiers' main attractions is its historic Casbah district. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an ancient quarter filled with winding alleyways that lead to picturesque courtyards and balconies. Here visitors can find traditional restaurants and cafes serving local cuisine such as couscous and merguez sausages.

The Great Mosque of Algiers is another highlight for visitors to experience in this fascinating city. Built between 1097-1160 CE by the Zirid dynasty of Tunisia, it features an ornate interior complete with Moorish arches, intricate stucco carvings and incredible stained glass windows. A visit here offers a unique insight into Algerian history and culture.

Finally no trip to Algiers would be complete without marveling at its sweeping coastal vistas from atop one of its many hilltop parks or restaurants offering Mediterranean fare with French influences like bouillabaisse or salade Nicoise.

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