Visit Canillo

Canillo is the northernmost parish of Andorra, located in the Pyrenees Mountains. The picturesque village is surrounded by towering peaks and offers stunning views of the valley below. Its ski resort, Grandvalira, is one of Europe's largest resorts and attracts skiers from around the world. One popular tourist destination in Canillo is Sant Joan de Caselles: a 12th century church perched on a hilltop with magical views of the mountainside. Another must-see attraction is Esglesia de la Margineda; a beautiful Romanesque church situated in an idyllic mountain setting with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

A unique historical fact about Canillo is that it has been inhabited since as early as 1000 BC, making it one of Andorra's oldest settlements. Its ancient roots are still visible today in its architecture, culture, and language - many locals still speak Catalan!

Cities in Canillo

Canillo, El Tarter