Visit Luanda Province

6.9 million

The province of Luanda, located in Angola, is the most populous province in the country and the economic center. It has a tropical climate with plenty of sunny days. The city of Luanda is the provincial capital which offers great views over its bay and stunning colonial architecture. It's also home to some great museums, galleries, monuments and traditional markets that offer insight into its culture and history.

Amongst the touristy places to visit are Miradouro da Lua (Moon Viewpoint), overlooking the Kwanza River which offers an amazing sunset view; or Fortaleza de Sao Miguel which was built by Portuguese settlers during their colonization period of Angola. Another must-go spot is Ilha do Mussulo - a beautiful white-sanded beach surrounded by coconut trees.

An interesting fact about Luanda Province is that it was where one of Africa's longest wars began in 1975 when Angolan guerrillas declared independence from Portugal after 500 years of colonialism rule; leading to nearly three decades of civil war until 2002 when it finally ended with peace treaty between government forces and UNITA rebels.

Cities in Luanda Province