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Welcome to Argentina! This South American country is known for its stunning landscapes, unique culture, and vibrant cities. From the glaciers of Patagonia to the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, there’s something for everyone in Argentina. Here are some interesting and original facts about this beautiful country.

The Argentinian language is Spanish, but there are also many other languages spoken in the country such as Quechua, Guarani, and Mapudungun. The capital city is Buenos Aires and it is known for its vibrant culture and nightlife.

Argentina has a rich history of literature, music and art. Many famous writers such as Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar were born in Argentina. In addition to literature, tango music is a popular part of Argentine culture and it originated in Buenos Aires in the late 19th century.

The country is also known for its unique wildlife. The Magellanic penguin is a species of penguin native to Argentina and it’s the only species that breeds in the southern hemisphere. Other unusual animals found in Argentina include the Pampas fox, Andean Condor and the Llama.

Argentina has a diverse climate and geography, ranging from subtropical rainforests in the north to glaciers in the south. The country also has some incredible national parks, such as Los Glaciares National Park which is home to some of the world’s largest glaciers.

No matter where you go in Argentina, you’re sure to have an amazing time! From its stunning landscapes to its vibrant cities, there’s something for everyone in this fascinating country.