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Canberra is the capital city of Australia, located in the southeast region of the country. It is a planned city, laid out in 1908 and officially named as Canberra in 1913. It has a population of over 400,000, making it the largest inland city in Australia.

Canberra is known for its modernist architecture and unique landscape, which includes dramatic hills, mountains and valleys - all surrounded by nature reserves that make up part of the Australian Capital Territory. The city centre is home to many government buildings as well as lively parks and gardens that are perfect for entertaining visitors.

No visit to Canberra would be complete without visiting Parliament House - a highlight on any visit to Australia's capital city. Here you can learn about how governing works while also taking time to explore its beautiful gardens and memorials around it such as Anzac Parade or the War Memorial Museum. Nature lovers should also add Namadgi National Park - just outside of town - to their list of places to explore with its stunning landscapes filled with wild flowers and kangaroos!

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