Discover Melbourne

4.2 million

Melbourne is the vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of the Australian state of Victoria. Located on the banks of the Yarra River, Melbourne is a multicultural city known for its stunning 19th century architecture, bustling markets, world-class arts scene, and eclectic dining options. With more than 4 million inhabitants calling it home, there's plenty to explore in this thriving metropolis.

Some of the main attractions include Federation Square which houses some of Melbourne's best art galleries and cultural institutions; The Royal Botanic Gardens which offer stunning outdoor scenery; and St Kilda Beach where you can catch a sunset or take part in one of Australia's most iconic sports - surfing. Other highlights include walking along Southbank Promenade for its popular bars and restaurants; taking a ride on one of Melbourne's many trams; or exploring one of its trendiest neighborhoods such as Fitzroy or Collingwood. Whether you're looking to escape into nature or experience urban life in all its grandeur - Melbourne has something to offer everyone.