Visit Burgenland

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Burgenland is a province of Austria located in the east of the country. It borders Hungary and Slovakia, and its landscape is characterized by rolling hills, vineyards, rivers and lakes. The provincial capital is Eisenstadt.

Visitors to Burgenland can enjoy a variety of activities, including hiking in Neusiedler See National Park or exploring wine-making villages like Rust or Gols. Castle lovers will enjoy visiting Burg Lockenhaus, originally built in 1248 as part of a chain of fortifications along the border with Hungary. The area around Lake Neusiedl is also great for bird watching - there are more than 300 species found in this region!

History buffs may be interested to know that Burgenland was not part of Austria until 1921 when it was annexed from Hungary after World War I - making it one of the newest provinces within Austria's borders!