Discover Semmering

Semmering is a small mountain town located in the Austrian Alps, just southwest of Vienna. With its spectacular panoramic views, it is a popular tourist destination and skiing resort. The quaint alpine village has been designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its achievement in 19th century engineering and architecture.

The Semmering Railway is one of the major attractions and was designed by former Vienna chief engineer Carl Ritter von Ghega. This feat of engineering stretches from Gloggnitz to Murzzuschlag, boasting 16 tunnels carved into the mountainside and numerous viaducts crossing deep ravines that are breathtakingly beautiful to behold.

Another must-see attraction is Schlosshotel Semmering which offers fine cuisine, spa treatments and stunning views over the surrounding landscape. There are plenty of outdoor activities available such as hiking, biking or skiing depending on what time year you choose to visit this magical place. Additionally there are many churches dotted around town that offer a piece of history with their unique architecture styles adding charm to this beautiful spot in Austria's countryside.