Discover Poppendorf

Located in the Austrian state of Styria, Poppendorf is a small, picturesque village surrounded by lush mountain scenery. With just over 1,000 inhabitants and an area of only 9.3 square km, it offers an intimate atmosphere of peace and tranquility. In summertime, visitors to Poppendorf get to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling on the many trails that pass through the town or along its riversides. Stunning views can be seen from various vantage points around town including a popular overlook point at Kranzlgarten ob der Salza.

Visitors should also make sure not to miss the annual festival known as Klapperlstatt during which locals gather for traditional music performances and dancing in traditional costumes in front of Town Hall Square. To taste some local cuisine there are several eateries with outdoor seating areas where one can indulge in hearty meals typically consisting of soup with dumplings followed by pork roast or fried chicken served with potatoes and cabbage salad. Finally, tourists should take time out for leisurely walking tours around Poppendorf's historical center which still stands strong since its establishment in 1750 featuring the beautiful Church of St Peter standing proudly at its center since 1814!