Visit Absheron

2.6 million

The Absheron Peninsula of Azerbaijan is a region that is both historically and culturally significant. It includes the cities of Baku, Sumqayit, Khyrdalan and Lankaran which all offer beautiful sights and attractions to explore. One of the most visited tourist spots in the region is the Ateshgah Fire Temple - an ancient Zoroastrian temple where fires have been burning for centuries.

Azerbaijan has a long history with oil production, first beginning on Absheron in 1872 when oil was discovered near Balakhani village. Historical monuments such as Maiden Tower in Baku city are also popular tourist destinations here, offering visitors insight into the unique culture and story of Azerbaijan's people.

Absheron offers stunning natural beauty due to its location by both mountains and sea (Caspian Sea). Visit Yanar Dag, a mountain-side hilltop literally blazing with natural gas flames that have been burning for thousands of years! Or take a stroll along one of Baku's many beaches - perfect for relaxing after taking in all that this fascinating region has to offer!