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Manama is the vibrant capital city of Bahrain, located on the northern coast of the Persian Gulf. It is a bustling metropolis filled with modern architecture and beautiful beaches. Manama's skyline boasts several iconic skyscrapers such as the Bahrain World Trade Center and Financial Harbor, making it a great place to experience modern city life in the Middle East. There are many attractions to explore in Manama, including its diverse souks, lively cafes and night clubs, as well as cultural sites such as the Bahrain National Museum. History buffs will find plenty to enjoy at Qalat al-Bahrain - an archaeological site that dates back to 3,000 BC - or take a stroll around Muharraq Island for some traditional architecture. For those looking for an adventure off-shore there are incredible diving spots nearby offering unparalleled views of coral reefs and sea life. With its warm hospitality and wonderful sightseeing opportunities Manama is sure to delight all who visit!

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