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The Corozal District of Belize is the northernmost district of the country, extending from Mexico down to the Caribbean Sea. It's known for its lush tropical rainforest and diverse wildlife. The Mayan ruins at Santa Rita and Cerros are some of the most popular tourist sites in this region, as they offer a glimpse into pre-Columbian life in Central America.

Corozal Town is another great tourist destination, with plenty of shops and restaurants to explore. To get a panoramic view of Corozal Bay, head up to Paraiso Hill - it's one of the best spots for views and sunsets in all of Belize!

In terms of history, Corozal was an important trading center for Indigenous people prior to European settlement. In fact, artifacts found suggest that during this time period a trade network existed between local indigenous individuals as well as tribes from present day Mexico and Guatemala.

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Corozal Town