Discover Porto-Novo

Porto-Novo is the official capital of Benin, located on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. It is a bustling city filled with vibrant culture, music and architecture that make for an interesting visit. There are plenty of things to see and do in Porto-Novo, from traditional markets and lively street vendors to beautiful colonial-style buildings and monuments. One can explore these sites as well as enjoy a variety of cuisines available in local restaurants or street food stalls.

One must-see destination when visiting Porto-Novo is Grand Marche Dantokpa, the largest market in West Africa which offers an array of items such as fabrics, crafts and so much more. A popular activity among tourists is savoring the 'Goyi' dish made with smoked fish accompanied by plantains or cassava - it's a must try! Additionally, don't miss out on seeing Fidjrosse Beach where you can take part in watersports like jet skiing or windsurfing while soaking up some sun before heading back into town for dinner.

Best time to visit

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