Discover Jakar

Jakar, located in the kingdom of Bhutan, is a beautiful and serene town nestled amidst the enchanting Himalayas. Whether you're looking to explore traditional Bhutanese culture or take in spectacular views of snow-capped mountains and lush valleys, Jakar has something for everyone.

One must-see attraction is the legendary Lhakhang Karpo temple complex. Nearby are two other 16th century temples: Lhakhang Nagpo and Jampa lhakang - both offering wonderful sights and opportunities to learn more about Bhutan's ancient religious customs.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of hiking trails that offer stunning views while passing through rural villages and neighbouring forests filled with various species of birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Visitors can also check out Chokhor Rabten Palace - once a residence of the country's first king - where they can view intricately carved wooden pillars as well as ancient paintings depicting Buddhist stories right up close!

Whether you're looking for leisurely day trips or thrilling treks into nature's most remote corners, Jakar has plenty to offer visitors from all around the world.