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Viloco is a small city located in the Cochabamba Province of Bolivia. Its population was estimated to be around 10,000 as of 2019. The city is situated in a lush valley surrounded by mountains and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Viloco has been continuously inhabited since pre-Incan times, and its many historic sites are one of its main attractions.

Visitors to Viloco can take part in a number of activities, from exploring the tranquil nature trails that surround the city to taking part in traditional Bolivian festivities like Carnival or Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day). For those looking for more adrenaline-filled experiences, there are plenty of adventure sports on offer including mountain biking and paragliding tours over the stunning countryside that surrounds Viloco.

A unique activity often enjoyed by visitors to Viloco is visiting nearby archaeological sites like Pucara del Cerro Chiriguano where ancient artifacts can still be found today. Climb up to this hilltop site for views overlooking both the valley below and distant snow-capped peaks before heading back into town for some delicious local food such as tamales made with goat cheese or spicy cuy (guinea pig).

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