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Sarajevo is a beautiful city located in the heart of Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is a historic city that has seen centuries of different cultures, religions and people living side by side in peace. The city has an old-world charm, with cobblestone streets lined with buildings that are full of character.

One of the main attractions in Sarajevo is the Latin Bridge, which was built in 1541 and is where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914, thus starting World War I. There are also many mosques, churches and synagogues scattered throughout the city reflecting its rich cultural history. The Old Town district offers visitors a glimpse into traditional Bosnian life with narrow alleyways and traditional restaurants serving authentic Bosnian cuisine.

There are also plenty of opportunities to experience Sarajevo's vibrant nightlife scene including live music venues and bars as well as plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing in the nearby hills. Sarajevo is also home to one of the oldest street markets in Europe - the Bascarsija market - where visitors can find a range of souvenirs, clothing and food items to take home with them.

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