Discover Prijedor

104.9 thousand

Prijedor is a city located in the Republika Srpska, the Serb-majority entity of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The town has a rich history, having been part of medieval Serbian states and later under Ottoman rule. It retains much of its Ottoman architecture, along with some Austro-Hungarian buildings.

Prijedor is situated near the Krka river and surrounded by mountains, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. There are several hiking trails around Prijedor's countryside where visitors can explore untouched nature and spot local wildlife such as deer, boar and eagles.

The city also has plenty to see for cultural tourists. A visit to the Kocevica kula Tower will give you breathtaking views of Prijedor from atop its 50 meter high tower platform; while a stroll through downtown will reveal Ottoman era homes as well as monuments from World War II which serve as reminders of this area's turbulent past. Make sure to make time for some traditional Bosnian cuisine in one of Prijedor's many restaurants before heading back home!