Visit Central District

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The Central District of Botswana is an area of great natural beauty and cultural significance. This part of the country encompasses the city of Gaborone, which is home to the majority of its population, as well as a range of wildlife reserves and national parks. The area is rich in biodiversity, with species such as elephants, cheetahs and hyenas living in their natural habitats.

Visitors to the Central District can enjoy a variety of activities such as game drives through the reserves, safaris at Mokolodi Nature Reserve or boating trips along the Chobe River. For those looking for something more leisurely there are numerous cultural attractions such as Kgosi Sechele I Museum, Mochudi Craft Village and Phuthadikobo Museum.

One interesting historical fact about this region is that it was once home to Sotho-speaking peoples who founded settlements around rivers throughout Botswana during the 19th century. These communities would eventually become known collectively as 'Basarwa' or Bushmen - one of Africa's oldest indigenous populations - who still live today in parts of Central District like Tsodilo Hills or Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.