Visit Acre

Acre is a state located in the western region of Brazil. It borders Peru, Colombia and Bolivia and is known for its lush tropical rainforests. Its capital city, Rio Branco, was founded in the late 19th century as a Brazilian trading post on the banks of the Acre River.

Tourists visiting Acre can explore its natural beauty and cultural heritage with visits to parks like Chico Mendes Ecological Park, which has trails for bird watching or trekking through nature reserves; or Catuaba Natural Reserve where one can observe an abundance of wildlife and pristine ecosystems.

The historical center of Rio Branco also contains some interesting sights such as Landmark Square, built in 1927 to commemorate Acre's separation from Bolivia; Eiffel Bridge that crosses the Jurua River; and Plaza Civica square with monuments dedicated to heroes from various wars fought by Brazil throughout its history.

A fascinating fact about Acre is that it was originally part of Bolivian territory until 1903 when it was annexed by Brazil after President Getulio Vargas ratified a treaty that gave control over this Amazonian region to Brazil.