Discover Belém

Belem is a vibrant and lively city located in northern Brazil, near the mouth of the Amazon River. It has a rich cultural heritage with influences from both indigenous ancestry and Portuguese colonization. The combination of these two has created an unbeatable food culture where the traditional Brazilian dishes such as tacaca, caruru and manicoba can be sampled in many local restaurants.

The main attractions for visitors to Belem are its markets, which are great places to get colorful souvenirs such as hand-crafted wooden figures, jewelry and paintings done by local artisans. There are also several museums like the Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi showcasing artifacts from indigenous cultures; or the Forte do Castelo for those interested in military history.

For outdoor activities there is plenty on offer too - take a boat cruise downriver to visit small fishing villages; go birdwatching in one of Belem's numerous nature reserves; or explore the caves at Gruta do Angico that served as shelter during colonial times. With its unique blend of culture, history and natural beauty there is something here for everyone!

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