Visit Espírito Santo

Espirito Santo is the easternmost state in Brazil, located on the Atlantic coast. It is known for its beautiful beaches and lush green forests. Visitors can explore a variety of natural attractions such as Boi Cave and Pedra Azul State Park. Nature lovers will also find plenty to do, such as surfing, kayaking, fishing, diving and more.

The capital city of Vitoria is home to interesting historical sites such as Convento de Jesus da Mata and Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Penha. Tourists may also visit Campos dos Goytacazes in the north or Cachoeiro de Itapemirim in the south to explore colonial architecture and traditional towns.

For an interesting historical fact about Espirito Santo, it was settled by Amerindian tribes around 10 000 years ago before becoming a Portuguese colony in 1535. It was one of the five Brazilian states declared independent from Portugal during Brazil's Empire period so it has deep roots in Brazilian history.