Discover Brasília

Brasilia is the capital city of Brazil, located in the Central-West region. It is a unique city known for its modernist architecture and geometric design. Designed to be a planned capital in the 1950s, it was put on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1987 as an example of urban planning.

Brasilia offers many things to see and do, including exploring its many interesting monuments and iconic buildings. Highlights include a visit to Palacio da Alvorada, which is the official residence of Brazilian presidents, Planalto Palace which houses government offices, and Catedral Metropolitana de Brasilia designed by renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer. Other attractions include the Museu Nacional dos Coches where visitors can view an impressive collection of vintage vehicles and a variety of stunning parks with plenty of outdoor activities such as cycling or running along scenic trails that wind through lush vegetation.

For entertainment there are high-end restaurants offering international cuisine alongside traditional Brazilian fare, lively bars where visitors can join locals for some music or dancing and cultural events like concerts at Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro or shows at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Brasilia.

Best time to visit

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