Discover Araucária

Araucaria is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Parana located 80 km from the capital Curitiba. It is known as the "City of Evergreens" due to its abundance of Araucaria trees, making it an ideal location for eco-tourism. This quaint city has something for nature and history lovers alike; there are plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy.

The majestic Araucaria Forest can be explored by walking trails or organized tours, giving visitors a glimpse into this unique ecosystem and its many species of plants and animals. The historical center offers an interesting look at the city's colonial past with old churches, monuments, museums, and a vibrant cultural scene. Artisans selling local handicrafts line the streets offering unique souvenirs and traditional items made from natural materials like wood and clay.

Foodies looking to sample traditional Brazilian cuisine won't be disappointed - local restaurants serve up delicious treats made with fresh ingredients straight from producers in this agricultural region. Other attractions include hot springs perfect for relaxation, spectacular waterfalls ideal for swimming or hiking nearby trails, plus picturesque lakeside views that make stunning backgrounds for unforgettable photos!