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Cocal is a small city located in the Brazilian state of Piaui. With a population of around 33,000 people, Cocal enjoys a peaceful way of life surrounded by fields and pastures. It has become known for its fresh cheese, locally produced at traditional "queijarias". The city also features some interesting colonial architecture as well as an interesting array of local customs and festivals.

A visit to Cocal offers the opportunity to explore rich local culture and enjoy the friendly hospitality of its inhabitants. Tourists can spend time shopping in the local markets or take in live music performances at one of several outdoor venues. Hiking through nearby mountains will provide stunning views and offer glimpses into rural living while nature lovers should take time to observe wildlife such as toucans, monkeys, agoutis, tapirs and armadillos.

Cocal's main plaza hosts vibrant fairs every month featuring craftsmen visiting from all over Brazil selling jewelry and other artisanal products alongside plenty of delicious street food. For those looking for nightlife entertainment, bars on either side of the plaza offer a lively atmosphere with live music playing late into the night.

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