Explore Burkina Faso

16.8 million
West African CFA franc

Burkina Faso is often referred to as "the Land of Upright People" due to its citizens’ strong sense of morality and justice. It is a vibrant and diverse nation with a population of approximately 20 million people. The official language is French, although many regional dialects are also spoken.

One of the highlights of a trip to Burkina Faso is exploring its unique culture. Traditional Burkinabe music is lively and dynamic. There are also many vibrant festivals throughout the year with music and dance that draws from both traditional and modern influences.

The food of Burkina Faso is also noteworthy for its variety and flavor. From savory stews to spicy rice dishes, there’s something here to tantalize even the most sophisticated palate.

Nature lovers will be delighted by Burkina Faso’s breathtaking scenery. From lush rainforests in the south to wide savannas in the north, Burkina Faso has it all. It is also home to some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife, such as lions, elephants, hippopotamuses and more.

Travelers in Burkina Faso also have a wealth of activities to choose from. From exploring the ancient ruins of Loropeni to taking in the stunning scenery at Karfiguela National Park or simply relaxing in the bustling markets of Ouagadougou, there is something here for everyone.