Explore Burundi

10.6 million
Kirundi, French, English
Burundian franc (BIF)

Burundi is an inspiring country located in the heart of Central Africa. It is home to stunning landscapes, fascinating cultures and rich wildlife. It is a country filled with remarkable surprises and loads of spectacular sights.

For starters, the country offers breathtaking views of its rolling hills, lakes, rivers and mountaintops. Visiting one of these locations will leave you speechless as you are surrounded by vast greenery and rugged terrains. There is also an abundance of wildlife that can be seen in the national parks and conservation areas such as Kibira National Park, Rusizi National Park and Ruvubu National Park.

However, Burundi also offers its visitors an insight into its strong cultural heritage through its traditional dance forms, bustling markets and colorful festivals. The Gacaca tradition is a unique aspect of Burundian life where conflicts are resolved through a public tribunal system. And the Muramvya Festival celebrates music and dance from all across the region.

What's more? An interesting fact about Burundi is that it is among the top 10 countries with highest rainfall in Africa. As such, there are many beautiful waterfalls and lush forests that make for great spots to explore nature. A hidden gem worth visiting is Lake Tanganyika which is the world's longest freshwater lake providing plenty of opportunities for water sports and fishing.

Overall, Burundi is an amazing place to visit with countless attractions that offer something for everyone. Whether you want to explore untouched nature or immerse yourself in culture -Burundi is the place to be.