Visit Littoral

3.2 million

The Littoral region of Cameroon is a stunningly beautiful area on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. With its white sand beaches and tropical forests, it's a picturesque paradise for tourists looking to escape from their daily lives.

Limbe is a popular tourist spot in the Littoral region, due to its black sand beaches and Mount Cameroon National Park. The Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve offers an array of exotic wildlife and lush vegetation, making it ideal for safari tours or photography trips. Nature lovers will also enjoy the Ndian River estuary, with its mangrove forests and diverse bird species.

History buffs may be interested in visiting Kribi - a beach town known as "the pearl of the coast" due to its historical importance during pre-colonial times as a major trading point between Europeans, Africans and Arabs. Located near Kribi is Campo Ma'an National Park which features some ancient Pygmy sites dating back 5500 years!

Overall, the Littoral region of Cameroon provides an unforgettable experience with unmatched natural beauty and interesting cultural attractions.