Visit New Brunswick

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New Brunswick is one of the Maritime Provinces in Eastern Canada and is known for its stunning landscape, vibrant culture and amazing seafood. The province has a variety of activities to offer visitors, with some of the most popular attractions including Fundy National Park, Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy and Reversing Falls.

History enthusiasts will appreciate New Brunswick's rich history which dates back to 1604 when French settlers arrived in what would eventually become Canada's only officially bilingual province. One important historical event was the Battle at Carleton which occurred in 1758 during the Seven Year War between France and England. This battle saw British forces take control over Fort Beausejour which marked a turning point in Canadian History.

Visitors should also check out Kings Landing Historical Settlement near Fredericton for an immersive look into 19th century life throughout Atlantic Canada or visit Saint John to see St Andrews Blockhouse - a remnant from 1813 that is still standing today!