Visit Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia, located on the east coast of Canada, is a small maritime province with a strong sense of community and culture. Filled with rugged coastline, spectacular ocean views, and rich history, it's no wonder that Nova Scotia is a popular destination for tourists. From the capital city of Halifax to the charming fishing villages along the coast like Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia offers something for everyone.

A must-see while in Nova Scotia is Peggy's Cove - one of Canada's most photographed sites. This quaint fishing village sitting atop rocky cliffs offers beautiful scenery and fresh seafood restaurants. Another great attraction is Fortress Louisbourg - originally built as a military fortification in 1713 by the French settlers in what was then known as New France. Today this reconstructed star-shaped fortress provides visitors with an educational glimpse into 18th century life on Canada's Atlantic Coastline.

Whether you're looking for outdoor adventure or cultural exploration, Nova Scotia has something to offer everyone!