Visit Saskatchewan

1.2 million

Saskatchewan is a prairie province in Canada located between the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba. Saskatchewan is known for its vast expanse of prairies, boreal forests, lakes and rivers.

The two largest cities in Saskatchewan are Saskatoon and Regina. Saskatoon is known for its many parks, museums and shops as well as its picturesque South Saskatchewan River Valley. Regina is the home of Government House National Historic Site - where royalty has visited over the years - plus Wascana Centre, a large urban parkland surrounding Wascana Lake.

Other popular tourist attractions include Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park near Eastend; Prince Albert National Park north of Prince Albert; Great Sandhills west of Southey; and Grasslands National Park near Val Marie.

An interesting historical fact about Saskatchewan is that it was originally part of the Northwest Territories until 1905 when it became a separate Canadian territory. In September 2005 Saskatchewan officially became Canada's 14th province, making it one hundred years since becoming part of Canada!