Visit Praia

The Praia of Cape Verde is a beautiful archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa. As one of the oldest settlements in the world, it has a rich and fascinating history that dates back to 1 A.D. Visitors are attracted to its stunning beaches, lush tropical rainforests and vibrant culture.

A popular tourist destination on Praia is Mindelo, which features an eclectic mix of art galleries, museums and restaurants. The city is also known for its lively music scene with plenty of clubs and bars playing traditional morna music.
On your visit to Praia be sure to check out Rabil Lagoon located just outside the city limits - it's a great place for snorkeling and swimming with incredible views of volcanic islands and crystal clear blue waters.

Cape Verde has had many influential figures throughout its history including explorer Ferdinand Magellan who sailed around the islands in 1462 while searching for a new route to Asia from Europe. Tourists can visit his monument located on Plateau where he first landed on his journey.

Cities in Praia