Discover Tarrafal

Tarrafal is a small city located in the Cape Verdean island of Santiago. It is one of the oldest settlements on the islands, and was important for trade until its decline in the 19th century. Despite its size, Tarrafal has maintained much of its traditional Portuguese colonial charm; brightly painted houses line its narrow streets and beaches are surrounded by lush green hills.

The main attractions in Tarrafal are its pristine white sand beaches; Praia de Chaves is a popular destination with crystal clear waters perfect for swimming or snorkeling. The historic sites also offer interesting sights to explore such as Prisao de Agosto, an old prison used during Portugal's reign over Cape Verde. Finally, foodies will be delighted by Tarrafal's fresh seafood dishes made from local catches.

Visitors to Tarrafal can enjoy plenty of activities from relaxing on beautiful beaches to exploring captivating historic sites, all without the stress that comes with larger tourist destinations.