Discover N’Djamena

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N'Djamena is the capital of the African nation of Chad. It is located on the southwestern bank of the Chari River at the border with Cameroon and Nigeria. The city has a population of approximately 892,400 as of 2018 and is an important hub for trade, education, business, and entertainment in Central Africa. The culture in N'Djamena is varied due to its diverse population; you can see influences from Europe, Africa, and Arab countries through its architecture, cuisine and music.

The bustling markets are one experience that should not be missed while visiting N'Djamena. From colorful fabrics to fresh produce and livestock there are many items to find while exploring these markets filled with locals doing their daily bargaining over prices. Another attraction is visit to La Galerie des Arts et de la Culture where you can admire works from local artists or take part in some workshops provided by them if interested. Lastly no visit would be complete without seeing some historic buildings such as Palais du 16 Fevrier situated along Avenue Charles de Gaulle which was built by French colonialists prior to 1960 when Chad won independence from France .

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