Visit Heilongjiang

Heilongjiang is a province located in Northern China, bordering Russia and Mongolia. It is the second largest province in the country. Heilongjiang is full of natural beauty, with vast forests and mountains surrounding many of its cities.

A great place to visit while in Heilongjiang is the Songhua River, which runs through much of the province, providing beautiful scenery and ample opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing and boating. The Hukou Waterfall near Yichun City is also a popular destination; it's one of the largest waterfalls in China!

The history of Heilongjiang dates back over 2,000 years ago when various tribes inhabited the area before being united by an ancient kingdom known as Yanran. The kingdom was eventually absorbed into other Chinese dynasties and then later made part of Manchuria during World War II before becoming part of modern China after 1945.