Visit Hubei

Hubei is a province in the central area of China. The capital of the province is Wuhan, and it is known for its natural beauty and cultural attractions. This region has been inhabited since ancient times and has a rich history.

When visiting Hubei, tourists can experience the culture by visiting one of its many historical sites such as the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan or Jiujiang Ancient City north-west of the city. Tourists can also take in scenic views from Mount Mufu, explore unique rock formations at Shennongjia National Park or visit some of Hubei's many lakes such as Huanglong Cave Lake and Zhanghe Reservoir.

An interesting fact about Hubei's history is that during the Warring States period (475-221 BC), it was part of Chu - one of seven states vying for power in ancient China. Today it continues to be an important part of Chinese culture and history, offering visitors plenty to see and do.