Discover Guozhen

Guozhen is a small city in the Jiaxing Prefecture of China's Zhejiang province. It sits on the banks of the Gan River, which flows into Hangzhou Bay just east of Shanghai. Guozhen is known for its ancient architecture and scenic views, with nearby villages and lakes providing plenty to explore.

One popular attraction in Guozhen is its historic water town, which features a unique blend of traditional Chinese architecture and local culture. Here tourists can find picturesque cobbled lanes lined with old-style houses built out over the river, as well as countless shops selling handmade souvenirs. There are also several interesting temples to visit including Wanzhangsi temple - an important Buddhist site that dates back to the sixth century AD.

Outdoors enthusiasts will love visiting Yangtze Lake near Guozhen where they can take boat rides out onto the lake or hire fishing boats for their own use. There are also plenty of hiking trails and cycle paths running through lush forests and along tree-lined riverbanks for those looking for something more active to do outside of town itself.