Visit Tianjin

Tianjin is a coastal metropolis in northern China, located just southeast of Beijing. The city served as an important port during the 19th century and today it's known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine. Tourists visiting Tianjin can explore the Ancient Culture Street for some traditional Chinese shopping and dining experiences, or visit Tianhou Temple on Haihe River to marvel at the majestic architecture of this ancient site. For a more modern experience, head over to Binhai Avenue where you'll find trendy bars, shopping malls and live music venues.

A trip to Tianjin wouldn't be complete without exploring some of its historical monuments. The Porcelain House is a stunning example of traditional Chinese architecture built by local merchants during the Qing Dynasty. It was once home to some of the wealthiest families in China before being converted into a museum in 2005. Also worth visiting is St Joseph's Cathedral, an impressive late 19th-century church whose interior has been preserved impeccably since its construction - offering visitors a glimpse into life during this era in Tianjin's history.

Cities in Tianjin

Tianjin, Hangu