Visit Tibet

3.2 million

Tibet is an autonomous region of China located in the Himalayan mountain range. It is known for its remarkable landscapes, ranging from snow-draped mountains and pristine glacial lakes to elevated grasslands and vast deserts. As a result, Tibet offers travelers an unparalleled experience unlike any other place on earth.

Two popular tourist destinations in Tibet are Mount Everest Base Camp and Potala Palace. At the base camp of Mount Everest, visitors can witness firsthand some of the highest peaks in the world that surround them as they walk through this majestic landscape. Meanwhile, Potala Palace is a former palace complex that was once home to Dalai Lamas throughout history and now serves as a museum with awe-inspiring traditional architecture and artwork.

One interesting historical fact about Tibet is that it has been inhabited by various cultures since prehistory with evidence dating back over 3 million years ago when humans first began settling on its soil!

Cities in Tibet

Lhasa, Xigazê, Gar, Nichicun, Qamdo, Nagqu, Gyangzê