Discover Dehong Daizu Jingpozu Zizhizhou

Dehong Daizu Jingpozu Zizhizhou is a prefecture-level city located in the Yunnan province of China. This city offers visitors a unique cultural experience because it is home to two minority ethnic groups, the Dai and the Jingpo people. Visitors will be able to explore the many Buddhist temples scattered throughout Dehong as well as visit traditional Dai villages and markets that are located nearby.

One of the main attractions in Dehong is Ruili City Park, which features lush greenery and peaceful walking paths. The park also has numerous statues depicting various legends from Chinese mythology, making it a great place for learning about Chinese culture. Another must-see destination in this city is Lancang River, which flows along its western border with Myanmar and provides stunning views of both countries' countryside scenery. Visitors can take boat trips along this river or just take some time to relax by its banks. Finally, no trip to Dehong would be complete without visiting Mang Mountain National Forest Park - a protected area filled with majestic waterfalls, towering peaks and abundant wildlife that can't be found anywhere else in China!