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San Andres y Providencia is an archipelagic province located off the coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean Sea. The two main islands making up this province are San Andres and Providencia Islands, but there are also several smaller cays. This region offers a unique experience for tourists looking to explore Colombia's Caribbean Coast with its vibrant culture and rich history.

One of the most popular tourist attractions found here is Johnny Cay National Park, a stunning beach area on larger San Andres Island that features crystal clear waters perfect for swimming or snorkeling. Scuba divers will love exploring underwater caves and shipwrecks like El Nuevo Tolima which can be found just offshore from these islands.

The history of San Andres y Providencia dates back to 1510 when Spanish colonists arrived at the island chain, although it was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples known as Taironas who had inhabited these lands since 600 AD. An interesting historical fact about San Andres is that it served as a pirate stronghold during the 17th century, becoming home to famous buccaneers like Henry Morgan and William Dampier!

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