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Puerto Limón
386.9 thousand

Limon is a province located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It is known for its lush rainforests, incredible beaches and culture heavily influenced by the Afro-Caribbean immigrants of the 19th century. One of its main attractions is Tortuguero National Park, an important nesting area for sea turtles. Here, visitors can explore mangrove forests and lagoons by boat or kayak. Another place to visit in Limon is Cahuita National Park, where you can find beautiful coral reefs and a wide variety of plant and animal life amidst stunning beaches.

Limon has a rich history as well; it was once the home of Christopher Columbus during his fourth voyage to America in 1502 and was then colonized by Spanish settlers who brought their own cultural influences to this part of Costa Rica. In addition, Limon remains one of the most diverse regions in all of Central America due to its mixture of cultures including English-speaking descendants from Jamaica who arrived in the mid-19th century as workers on banana plantations.