Discover Zagreb

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Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and its largest urban area, located in the northwest corner of the country. It's a vibrant city known for its cultural heritage, churches, museums and parks. The historic core of Zagreb is Gradec, one of several former settlements that became merged into modern Zagreb.

The architecture around Zagreb dates back to Medieval times when it was a fort town protecting against invading nations. The old town's cobblestone streets are lined with Baroque buildings and monuments which reflect its long-standing history as an important political center point in Europe.

When visiting Zagreb, visitors will want to experience St Mark's Church while admiring its colorful tiled roof and also take a stroll along Ulica Ilica street filled with cafes, bars and shops plus historical sites like Mirogoj Cemetery or the Museum for Broken Relationships. For nature lovers there's Medvednica Nature Park just outside downtown where you can ride a cable car up Sljeme Mountain for stunning views over the city below or explore the trails by bike or on foot.