Visit Curaçao

Curacao is a small Caribbean island located off the coast of Venezuela. It is known for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches and diverse culture.

The island offers much to do for tourists, including visiting some of the many historical sites such as Fort Amsterdam or Landhuis Chobolobo - home to the production of Curacao liqueur. Tourists can also visit Willemstad, the vibrant capital city with its Dutch-style architecture and colourful houses. The Boka Tabla Marine Park is another popular spot for snorkeling and kayaking.

Historically, Curacao was once a major port in the Caribbean during colonial times as it played an important role in trading between Europe and New World colonies. This legacy can still be seen today through monuments such as Sint Annabaai - one of two main entrances into Willemstad's harbour area - that were constructed by Dutch slave traders in 1707-1708.