Discover Brøndby Kommune

Located in eastern Denmark near the capital of Copenhagen, Brondby Kommune is a charming city full of traditional Danish culture. This picturesque municipality has a population of just over 29,000 and boasts plenty to see and do amongst its rolling hills and meadows.

Take time to explore the old town centre or venture on an afternoon bike ride through Brondby Park. Shopping enthusiasts will find plenty of unique boutiques to peruse along with numerous cafes for enjoying traditional pastries and cakes. Be sure to visit some of the many parks scattered throughout the city which are perfect for taking leisurely walks or having picnics on warm summer days.

Those interested in historic artifacts should plan a trip to Brondby Museum which offers different exhibits from pre-historic times all the way up until WW2, including one dedicated entirely to local artist Theodor Philipsen who was born in Brondby Kommune. For families travelling with children, they will love visiting Themepark Farup Sommerland - an adventure park featuring thrilling rides and activities set against stunning nature views!