Discover Fløng

Flong is a small town located in Denmark, situated in the municipality of Egedal and in Region Zealand. Boasting beautiful landscapes and picturesque architecture, Flong is known for its peaceful atmosphere and friendly locals.

For those looking to experience the splendor of nature, Flong boasts several lakes as well as nearby forests that can be explored by foot or bike. There are also multiple hiking trails that wind through rolling hills. For those looking for more of an urban setting, there are plenty of shops and cafes to explore around town.

Flong is home to two key attractions: Kroelvgaard Castle, which was built by Count Frederik Schouwburg in 1690; and Hvidovre Church which dates back to the 12th century. The church has been meticulously restored over time making it a popular spot with tourists seeking out historic buildings while enjoying beautiful views over the surrounding countryside. All in all, Flong offers visitors a perfect opportunity to relax amidst stunning scenery while taking part in many activities both inside and outside the city limits.