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3.3 million

Pichincha is a province in Ecuador located in the northwest region of the country. It's capital is Quito, one of the oldest cities in South America and home to some of Ecuador's most famous landmarks, such as La Compania de Jesus Church, San Francisco Plaza and El Panecillo - a hilltop featuring an iconic winged Madonna statue.

The province is known for its lush natural beauty, with its dense forests and towering volcanoes offering breathtaking views for outdoor enthusiasts. Adventure-seekers can explore Cotopaxi National Park which boasts an array of activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, trekking and rafting.

The rich culture and history of Pichincha goes back over 500 years when it was part of the Incan Empire during the 15th century before being conquered by Spain in 1534. Many notable figures were born here such as Juan Montalvo who was a leader in Ecuador's independence movement against Spain during 1809-1812.

Overall Pichincha offers something for everyone - from stunning natural scenery to culturally significant landmarks to vibrant nightlife - it's easy to see why this region is one of Ecuador's top tourist spots!

Cities in Pichincha

Quito, Machachi, Cayambe, Sangolquí