Visit Pärnu County

Parnu County is a county in southwestern Estonia. It's the fourth largest county in the country and borders Latvia to the south and the Gulf of Riga to the west. This scenic area is known for its picturesque beaches, forests, rivers and wetlands that make it a popular tourist destination.

One must-see spot in Parnu County is Parnu Beach, a vast stretch of white sand situated near the city of Parnu. Tourists can relax in one of Europe's longest beach resorts or take part in an array of water sports like surfing and sailing. Nature lovers will be sure to appreciate Tolkuse bog, one of Estonia's most important wetland areas with an abundance of flora and fauna waiting to be discovered.

Parnu also has a rich history which dates back thousands of years. In fact, archaeological excavations have revealed evidence suggesting that people have lived in this region since prehistoric times! Today, visitors can explore various monuments across Parnu County that pay tribute to Estonia's past including Toila church built by Russian Tsar Alexander I in 1820 as well as several Old Town squares preserved from medieval times.