Discover Simo

Simo is a small city in the northern region of Finland. Located close to the Arctic Circle, it experiences extremes in temperature during both winter and summer months. With around 5,500 inhabitants, Simo is a peaceful destination for those seeking a more secluded holiday experience.

The majestic River Ounasjoki provides plenty of activities such as canoeing, fishing or simply enjoying its picturesque views. The surrounding countryside offers plenty of opportunity for exploration on foot or bicycle with well marked trails and many areas suitable for camping.

During winter months visitors can enjoy cross-country skiing on one of many trails located within easy reach of Simo city centre or explore the frozen river while snowshoeing. Some popular attractions include historical buildings such as the wooden chapel from 1835 and ancient stone structures which date back to prehistoric times. Sammallahti Nature Reserve also offers spectacular views over nearby lakes and forests with plentiful wildlife including reindeer and elk sightings not uncommon!

Finally, traditional Finnish cuisine can be sampled at one of several restaurants offering an insight into local culture through its food specialities such as salmon soup, rye breads and reindeer steak accompanied by locally brewed beer or spirits made from berries grown in nearby forests!